Phalcon Framework Resources


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    Web framework delivered as a C-extension for PHP
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    phalcon devtools
    Phalcon Developer Tools
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    Phalcon official Forum
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    Fast and Maintainable, a large wrapper/structured Phalcon Framework, supports composer, with extensive packages.
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    phalcon json api package
    A composer package designed to help you create a JSON:API in Phalcon
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    phalcon application
    Application module for phalcon3 framework

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    phalconphp rest jwt acl
    25 Sep
    Base project for Phalconphp REST JWT and ACL
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    crud phalcon
    31 Aug
    Flying with Phalcon - Try to learn make CRUD with Phalcon
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    phalcon restapi rain
    31 Jul
    Phalcon Micro Rest Api Framework
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    apache2 php7 phalcon
    05 Jul
    Apache+PHP7 with a catchall virtual host and Phalcon 2.1.x installed
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    14 Jun
    A minimalist object-oriented superset for WordPress using Phalcon.
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    12 May
    Feedback component for Phalcon