Phalcon Framework Resources


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    High performance, full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C extension.
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    phalcon devtools
    Phalcon Developer Tools
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    phalcon rest
    Phalcon REST Library
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    solid layer
    Fast and Maintainable, a large wrapper/structured Phalcon Framework, supports composer, with extensive packages.
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    phalcon json api package
    A composer package designed to help you create a JSON:API in Phalcon
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    phalcon Tool
    Manage Phalcon's projects using MYSQL. Cli commands to easily create controllers, actions, tasks, javascript and less files with some librairies managed with bower. Project template with google connect and websocket. Internal libraries management with Full SCRUD on the fly and complete Rest API

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    09 May
    Social Login Wrapper for Phalcon
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    phalcon midddleware
    04 May
    a phalcon middleware component
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    phalcon mamp
    07 Apr
    phalcon extension for mamp/mamp pro
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    phalcon blank
    22 Feb
    This is a Boilerplate application written on Phalcon 3 framework for the performance boost. This project created to develop applications in an easy way.
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    21 Jan
    RESTful API PHP skeleton/framework built on Phalcon.
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    vokuro modular
    04 Jan
    Vokuro-modular is a fork from vokuro repository with litle modif on HMVC stucture (modular)